Ladder Buddy™ - Ladder Tray

The Ladder Buddy™ is a unique and versatile Ladder Tray and Accessory that attaches to just about every type of ladder. Our portable and lightweight Patent Pending ladder tray can hold your tools, paint, screws, power tools and any other items you need handy while working at heights. Tired of holding your paint bucket or roller tray while on a ladder? Well, now you don’t have too!

There are no other ladder trays available that are even close to what the Ladder Buddy™ offers in terms of quality, strength and usefulness. For the DIY homeowner to the full-time contractor, our Ladder Buddy™ will make your life easier.

Give our truly unique ladder tray a try and you will wonder how you ever lived without the Ladder Buddy™!

Assembly Instructions

Step Ladder Instructions

Extension Ladder Instructions

The Ladder Buddy™ works on many models of these fine brands:

* The Ladder Buddy™ is in no way affiliated or a representation of the brand names above. We are merely stating our product was designed to fit many of these top quality ladder brands.


The Ladder Buddy is AWESOME! I do a lot of work with different types of ladders and the Ladder Buddy fits perfectly on every kind! It has a large surface area which is great for when I have multiple items that I need with me. I have tried several other ladder accessories and nothing has been as sturdy and versatile as the Ladder Buddy! I highly recommend the Ladder Buddy!

Dale Brooks

So nice and top quality! Holds my tools when I am working on gutters. This is the only ladder accessory I have found that attaches to an extension ladder.

Steven B

I have been looking for a ladder tray and finally found one that fits. Very good product.
5 out of 5


I am a general contractor and decided to give this a try. Well made, fits all my ladders and holds my tools. I use it everyday it makes my life easier. Love this tray!

Extremely Versatile

There is no other Ladder Tray on the market quite like Ladder Buddy™. It's extremely versatile, top-quality, and professional grade.